The Ultimate Insulated & Adorable Gold Camping Mug

The Ultimate Insulated & Adorable Gold Camping Mug

Camping season is coming. One important staple for going camping or backpacking is good kitchenware to enhance your experience. Items that are bulky or cumbersome are not ideal when you'd like to save your energy for outdoor adventure. No one wants to haul any additional weight along with them.

Function as well as aesthetics are important to us at The Aesthetique Philosophie. That is why all of our products are not only cute to look at, they are also created with high standards and functionality in mind.

So treat yourself to aesthetic luxury with these adorable 10oz light weight insulated camping mugs, made out of stainless steel, that will be sure to delight the all the senses. Not only are they great for keeping your drink warm and your hands comfortable, but they are also easy to pack along as they don't take a lot of space and they are super lightweight. And when you get home and have to unpack, just throw them in the dishwasher because they are dishwasher safe. Easy care, beautiful look.

Choose between two designs. Or grab one of each to share with a friend or partner.

While you sit in your camping chair, enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also delight in the beauty right in your own hands.


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