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Be Kind Autism Awareness Trucker Hat

Be Kind Autism Awareness Trucker Hat

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This retro-inspired trucker hat celebrates neurodiversity with a vibrant Autism Awareness design. Reminiscent of the early 80s VHS tapes combined with the widely recognizable "Be Kind" text that accompanied VHS rentals from the video store, its nostalgic look features high-quality 3D embroidery that will stand out from across the room and elevate your retro style.

Adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit, the hat lets you proudly express your support of the neurodivergent community. Its breathable cotton construction keeps you cool whether you're enjoying the outdoors or heading to your next event.

With colors as bold as its message of acceptance and originality, this hat encourages wearing your support on your sleeve - or should we say, on your head (see what we did there?). It's a fun accessory for anyone who believes we all have something unique to offer the world.

Sizing: Adult - One size fits most

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